Grab Taxi Review

It was my first time to successfully book a cab using the Grab Taxi app. I was very impressed with the service. At the same time it makes me very excited about how technology can change public transportation.

The first thing I do is type in my current location and desired destination. I'm in my office and I'm headed to the mall to have dinner with some friends.

Right away it gives me an estimate of how much the cost will be. Grab Taxi accredited cabs always use the meter. In fact, the amount I had to pay for was way less than the estimated cost provided by the app. It's a great tool of protection for commuters.

After 3 failed tries, the app notified me that I have successfully booked a cab. It tells me the plate number of the cab, the name and picture of my driver, and a button that offers me to call the driver in order to communicate concerns or instructions to the cab driver. And I don't know if it's coincidence (I'm pretty sure they're not synced with our stoplights plus traffic), it accurately estimated the cab's time of arrival.

For even more added protection, I can easily share the details of my cab ride on social media with live realtime updates on my location. Friends and family on my social networks can track my GPS location in realtime at the same time see all the details of the driver and the cab I'm riding. 
My driver was awesome. We ended up talking about the app and how it works and eventually even started talking random stuff about Android and mobile phones. It's probably one of the most non-stereotypical conversation I've had with local cab drivers.

And just to add icing on the cake, just in case you're not connected to mobile data, the cab driver's app can use his Android phone as a hotspot. This is very helpful as a very recent study presented to a conference I attended concluded that a majority of mobile internet users are still dependent on wifi (although predicted to change drastically within the coming year). Also, being that battery life is a big concern for smartphone users nowadays, free charging is also available in the cab.

There's a booking charge of 70 pesos but this is waived if you're a Globe subscriber. I think it tells a lot about Globe's identity as a company when they partner up with such products that focus on innovating the customer experience. And, even if you're not a Globe subscriber, 70 pesos is a very small fee in exchange for one's safety.

I do believe that more innovations like these in this field of technology will emerge and help solve social issues. I believe these solutions will come from a competitive marketplace and not the government.

No policing or authority of the LTFRB, no amount of budget we ever gave them, ever guaranteed me or any of us the security of life, liberty, and property all of which are supposedly the role of government. No -- it came from a bunch of really smart programming coders, creative designers, ambitious and competitive marketers and entrepreneurs. It's a lot like Milton Friedman's Pencil Story.

Technology will definitely temper the coercion of government. But it is up to us to appreciate the freedoms enhanced through internet and technology. There's that one saying: your rights are like muscles. If you do not use them, they go away. Download Grab Taxi on your AppStore or Playstore for free and check it out.

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