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Rose Wilder Lane was a strong supporter of communism until she visited Soviet Russia and other communist countries. She writes about her experience and reflections on the importance of individual liberty in the engaging narrative Give Me Liberty (1936):

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It's so wonderfully written and descriptive. It really gives you a glimpse of what she experienced and what kinds of ideas she derived from immersing herself within collectivist States that eventually lead to losing her misguided faith in communism.

Filipino protestors holding banners of Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin, and Mao

After being so moved by the book above, I fear for my fellow Filipinos who are mislead by the white paper propaganda of communism. I, myself, was once a strong leftist before I got introduced to libertarianism and the Austrian school of economics. 

Dr. Walter Block did say (he was once a leftist too) that it is easy for those who are young, idealistic, and compassionate to be swayed by the misleading promises and white paper propaganda of the marxists. The communist solutions to poverty are seemingly simple and straightforward and strongly appeals to the emotions and frustrations of the masses, most especially in a poverty-stricken and crony-capitalist nation like ours.

That being said, I highly recommend the book. And I humbly request that those who believe state control or intervention in production or trade, no matter how mild and far from communism, to rethink their concepts of self-ownership, individual liberty, and property rights. The common enemy is crony-capitalism and not capitalism in itself and this is propagated by the State — the exact same machinery the leftists want to surrender their liberties to.

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