Ron Paul Wins Nevada — racks up 22 delegates versus Romney's 6

It's quite rare to see Ron Paul headlining the frontpage of any newspaper. Although I believe it's something we need to get used to in the coming weeks until the convention in Tampa on August (if you're not sure how the whole nomination process in the US elections work, see video below).

Ron Paul headlines Las Vegas Review-Journal frontpage

If you followed my Twitter at the time, you would have noticed I was following the Nevada caucuses very closely. You see, I had a bet with my father. Like many, his prediction was that Romney was going to win. At the time, I was very confident knowing that Ron Paul did surprisingly well in this state back in 2008. With a much stronger and growing organization this year, many Ron Paul supporters were predicting that this will be the first straw poll win. But you see, that's all it was — a non-biding straw poll. And you know what really matters? That's right — delegates!

The next morning after the caucuses, as the results were being counted, the trend was that Ron Paul was on a close third place next to Newt and, yes, Romney was in first. I knew I'll never hear the end of it. My father claimed precognition and seemingly justified his position that I am supporting an unelectable candidate.

Redemption loomed as the image above appeared on my Facebook feed. And it's more surprising because it's on the frontpage of a local newspaper in Las Vegas. I've always attributed people's support for Romney or any other establishment candidate as a lack of information coming from social media (see Why is Ron Paul Attracting Young Voters?). In the long run, the mainstream media will no longer be able to deny Ron Paul's presence especially now that he's been collecting more and more delegates and will surely be a strong force in the Republican National Convention (see my Predictions for the 2012 Republican National Convention in Tampa).

I am quite pissed that the YouTube channel "RonPaul2008DotCom" was taken down due to IPR claims (see YouTube and IPR). Many of the videos I've posted here came from that channel and now I'm quite lazy to replace them all one by one by other videos that haven't been taken down from YouTube. I do apologize if many of the videos on this blog are temporarily unavailable.

I've been trying to write about local issues recently (see my take on Spratlys or my take on anti lady gaga protesters) so that this blog won't just seem like Ron Paul fan blog but  I did mention that this might be a bit unavoidable especially as the convention in Tampa gets nearer and nearer.

Delegates? Caucuses? Primaries? How do they all work?

Okay, so you're probably really confused with the whole nomination process in the US elections. Don't worry, there was a time when I didn't understand anything either. Here's a really good video explaining the whole nomination process:

Now that you've learned how it all works, let me emphasize again that Ron Paul has been getting a lot of delegates and now has a sure spot in the Republican National Convention that will be held in Tampa, Florida on August.

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