Bruce Parry Sees How Cocaine is Made in the Amazon — why prohibition makes things worse

In this BBC documentary Amazon, Bruce Parry is able to expose the rustic and dangerous beginnings of cocaine production.

Bruce Parry Sees How Cocaine is Made

We see how prohibition has created a black market controlled by syndicates; of people in the "organized crime" industry. We see corruption when these syndicates are conniving with politicians and bureaucrats. We see how the environment is endangered when that which is prohibited is left to the management of goons.

We see the poor exploited; merely wanting to make a living for their own family; endangering their lives and their homes. But then who is really benefiting or profiting from this prohibition?  

The billions of taxpayers money spent on prohibition: has it been effective in lowering the production or the use of cocaine? If not, then how can it be a sensible policy?

Is it really making us safer when it funds syndicates and terrorists and the campaigns of corrupt politicians?

I am not endorsing the use of this drug, of course. All I ask is that we answer these questions I have raised because they are undeniably legitimate concerns.

That documentary above: that is a reality. Many take the prohibition position as a moral position and I understand that. Of course we don't want individuals to be getting addicted to such harmful substances. But use and addiction continues to grow. Cocaine production remains to be a multi-billion dollar industry. The policy of prohibition is wasteful and only leads to unintended dangers and consequences.

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