Members of British Parliament Have 9 Pubs to Choose From

From what the media has been telling me, from literature to films, drinking really is a part of the culture in the UK. It's not uncommon for you to see people in pubs during lunchtime having a few drinks before continuing their day. And what's funny is that some of these people are their members of parliament:

Some of them were even "too drunk to stand up" during the passing of their budget plan and other legislation. It is a very serious issue but I do find it very funny and entertaining. I mean, I'm not encouraging this, obviously, I just find it really funny. I bet that guy who was too drunk to stand up really hated it the next day. I've been there far too many times and I know how he feels that's why I find it really funny haha.

They have 9 pubs to choose from around the area of parliament. Parliament sounds really fun then and as mentioned in the video, the drinking habits of the members of parliament are subsidized by government. Wow, free power to coerce plus free drinks. Being a politician really does have a lot of perks.

Aside from this being really dangerous especially during voting on sensitive legislation, I do love their culture. Last week, I watched the Azkals Philippine football team go against the Malaysians and discussed with my friends how in Europe they'd be serving beers in the stadiums. Of course 'safety' is their concern and they're just trying to avoid drunk-related violence. This is usually the noble intention of any sort of policy.

I've been writing a lot of heavy stuff, I realized, so I thought of posting something I found funny.

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  1. But then Churchill managed to get us through the war with a permanent whisky buzz on. So maybe it's not too bad a thing.


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