Deficit Spending of Governments... and me.

In the private sector, when you have a business, or when managing your personal or family's income, there's this concept of balancing the books or making sure you that you are not spending more than what you are earning. In the government, this doesn't exist at all. It's baffling how bureaucrats, statists, and Keynesians, think that spending more, borrowing more, and printing more money is always the solution in spite of the debt and devaluation of the currency. 

Dr. Stephen Davies on Cutting Government Spending

We've recently seen the US raise their debt limit. Also, many in Europe are in crisis because of this kind of ideology. And interestingly enough, many countries, including the Philippines, seemingly want to take the same path.

Libertarians want to change that. Libertarians want fiscal responsibility from government which is only sensible, right? It is only common sense to address debt and deficit spending.

You see, by increasing the money supply, Keynesians devalue your currency thus lowering the purchasing power and creating inflation of prices. Government debt, deficit spending, and printing of money are direct taxes and burdens to the people.

That being said, I've actually been reminding myself of the government because of my own personal deficit spending. I'm going to the beach again on saturday and surely spend more than I am making. 

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I've been researching and learning more about the Iran/Israel conflict lately and surely I'll be writing about that maybe when I get back next week so watch out for that!

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