minimal government thinkers
an independent think tank advancing five core principles: small government,
small taxes, free market, rule of law, and personal responsibility.

Nonoy Oplas heads the Minimal Government Thinkers, a free market
think tank in Manila.

A constantly growing collection of free-market oriented film reviews

Colorful Rag is "Possibly the best blog on Philippine society and politics."

Adrienne Nicole Bernal
adrienne nicole bernal portfolio banner
Adrienne Nicole Bernal is an aspiring photographer, fiction writer,
and film-maker. She enjoys writing romance stories and fashion photography.

Join Harry as he embarks on a journey of culinary adventures, exotic cuisines,
and experimental recipes with his random and almost always unusual ideas.

Harry Santos 2.0
harry santos portfolio banner

Harry Santos is an aspiring multimedia artist.
He enjoys writing, photography, music production, and film-making.

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