Remember Greco Belgica's Name On 2016

Many ask me who I'll be voting for this coming 2016 elections. This question usually refers to a presidential bet. My answer is none (yet). Although for senatorial bets, in 2013, I supported the views of Greco Belgica when he ran for senate (see my old post Senate Hopeful Greco Belgica Debates Mongsod On Flat Tax). You might not have heard of him because he doesn't have the same influence and machinery as the other candidates.

He is consistently running on the same platform and political views, many that resonate or come close to those I advocate. Here are some reasons why I would most likely support him in 2016:

  • He advocates that money and power should be with the people and not the government.
  • He has a real tax reform plan as he continues to support a 10% flat tax that I've discussed in my blog post link above.
  • He had been a strong opponent of PDAF or any discretionary budget before these things became mainstream controversy and to date continues to question and legally petition against the constitutionality of DAP.
  • He advocates that these discretionary funds be converted into tuition vouchers, promoting school choice for parents and students and adding market incentives and competition to the current monopolized public schooling system.
  • He supports a limited and decentralized form of government. He believes in free markets and free trade. 
There are aspects of his platform that I do not agree with such as his social conservative stance on prohibition in a time when such policies are already being slowly reformed all over the world.  I am also worried that this kind of social conservatism might influence his views on matters of other State-criminalized acts that infringe on no one's personal liberties (ie. victimless crimes; see my post on Defending the Undefendable by Walter Block).

If it matters to you (as much as CVs don't matter, I believe it could add to background and character vetting), he studied Marketing and Management in San Beda College and then majored in International Trade and Commerce (International Trade, Economics, Finance) in the University of California, Berkeley. 

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So far, he remains to be the closest candidate I will most likely vote for. How about you, have you decided on any? What factors do you take into consideration with your choices? Feel free to share your thoughts.

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