From Ron to Rand: Some Differences of Rand Paul from his Father

Ron Paul and his campaigns have been instrumental in introducing me to different libertarian political philosophies and the Austrian School of Economics. And it wasn't just me who was reached by this online phenomenon, grassroots movements were organized all over the world. And now that his son is running for the Republican nomination, here are my main takeaways based on the recent FOX and CNN debates:

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1. Rand Paul prefers to position himself as a defender of the US constitution. His father, consistent for the whole of his political career, positioned himself as a defender of liberty. The defense of the US constitution was more incidental for Ron Paul where Rand prefers to champion it.

2. As a senator, Rand Paul has a good record on promoting non-interventionist oversight on US foreign policy but takes a different view from his father on providing monetary and military aid to Israel. His father took the position of their founding fathers to freely trade with nations and avoid entangling alliances. Rand prefers a fiscal conservative view on the subject by saying he believes Israel is a strong ally of the US but claims he will only advocate foreign aid if there is a surplus in budget.

3. Rand avoids monetary policy almost completely in spite of his father's legislative legacy on auditing the Federal Reserve.

4. There is no exact confirmation on this one but when Donald Trump called out he gave money to the candidates on stage, several casually denied and yet he stayed silent. His father's campaign funds were raised almost entirely, if not all, from grassroots.

5. Ron Paul had always refused to endorse the winning Republican nominee. We've also witnessed Rand endorse Romney in 2012 in spite of his father's ongoing campaign. He has expressed during the FOX debate that he will be supporting the winning nominee.

6. It is unsure whether he is doing this as a strategy to appear more moderate and electable than his father, adhering to more popular political positions. It is quite ironic since he's not getting the same momentum as his father's campaigns for both the '08 and '12 elections.

Just a side note: I believe Donald Trump is taking media attention away from more important topics that should be discussed in their debates. It worries me that he's currently leading in the polls.

Watch the debates here:

Link to FOX debate (August 6, 2015): 
Link to CNN debate (September 16, 2015):

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