Hong Kong Should Secede

The one thing we can learn from the Scottish Referendum is that the right to secession is not a farfetched concept and that it could be achieved through a peaceful and democractic process. In fact, it should be an ideal concept for a free society — a society where governments only rule at the consent of the governed. And this is why I believe strongly that Hong Kong, and any country or region for that matter, should have the same right to a referendum on independence.

Source: http://bit.ly/1sRkr3v

You see, Hong Kong is a very important country for libertarians like me. This is something I've reiterated on this blog several times. It is the closest to a real-life demonstration of what we refer to as a free market. On the Index of Economic Freedom, Hong Kong is considered to be the freest country in the world.

Check out this excerpt about Hong Kong from Milton Friedman's documentary Free to Choose:

On the video above, Friedman talks about how Hong Kong has almost no natural resources. In spite of this, it is now one of the most prosperous and peaceful societies in the world. It exemplifies the power of a competitive market not stifled by government bureaucrats and red tapes. It shows that prosperity and peace can be achieved without the need for an iron hand

But then would Mainland China recognize the result of a referendum? My short answer: it doesn't matter. It would be the same arrogance of how they do not recognize the independence of Taiwan. In fact, it would be an example to the authoritarians in China that it is their power, and their greed for it, that lacks recognition.

Just my two cents.

Recommended reading:
1. Instead of Dictatorship by Henry Hazlitt


  1. if you know how much Hong Kong's supplies are dependent on mainland China, you would not make such a naive statement.

  2. lol as if china is the only place where hong kong can get their supplies..... flawed thinkng at it's finest

  3. Hi Anonymous,

    1. Could you be specific on the exact dependencies for supplies that Hong Kong has with China?

    2. Secession does not mean I am against trade. If they secede does that rigorously imply they will no longer trade with Mainland China? Almost the whole world trades with China with no need to be under its power.

    3. Please expound and provide sources because I am open to changing my views if you are able to prove them flawed.

    Let me also recommend, aside from the recommended reading I showed above, the concept of Milton Friedman's pencil. A pencil is a supply but it takes a whole world's market's cooperation to make one: http://harryleaks.blogspot.com/2012/06/milton-friedmans-pencil.html


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