Libertarianism vs Conservatism Debate Between the Interns of Cato Institute and The Heritage Foundation

In the video below, interns from Cato Institute and The Heritage Foundation have a debate on whether it's libertarianism or conservatism is a better political philosophy.

I've talked about the importance of think tanks in giving libertarianism (or other libertarian-leaning ideologies) a more organized and formal voice that can be significant in changing public policy. In the video above, they gave young interns a chance to talk about ideas and political philosophies that are rarely talked about in the academe or in mainstream media.

And even though these organizations are focused on US policy, they have partners all over the world that help share ideas and jumpstart libertarian organizations. And as you watch the interns debate in the video, you can't help but be hopeful that there are more of these young men and women and will one day have influence in policymaking and public opinion.

Obviously, I agree with the libertarian side but this does not mean that I should shun The Heritage Foundation completely. In fact, I've cited their researches several times already in this blog including their Index of Economic Freedom. In the same manner that I don't shun the Cato Institute just for having ties with the Koch brothers. A diplomatic and open-minded approach is always a better way to grow intellectually. 

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