Engaging the Top Libertarian Influencers on Twitter

Cathy Reisenwitz favorited my tweet and retweeted it while Julie Borowski replied to the tweet where I shared my most recent blog post regarding their short debate on Stossel.

Both Reisenwitz and Borowski are ranking on TopLibertarian.com's list of most followed libertarians on Twitter. Reisenwitz writes for her blog Sex and the State while Julie is known for being The Token Libertarian girl on YouTube. Both are very popular political commentators who also contribute for several known columns and think tanks. Here's a screenshot of the conversation:

In the Twitter conversation, Borowski seemed to avoid the issue but I'm not here to discuss their debate as I've already posted my thoughts about it. I just want to point out the power of blogging and social media. This kind of reply from social media influencers can increase your followers and at the same time drive significant traffic to your blog. Being re-shared or replied to by social influencers can help increase one's reach to significant audiences.

This is a good way for me to not only have a voice in a global platform but at the same time be rewarded by income through advertisements posted in my blog and those generous enough to support by donating Bitcoin (there's a button below the post and on the upper left side of this blog where you can donate).

Aside from engaging social media influencers, you can also share your thoughts on hashtags like #tlot (top libertarians on Twitter), #liberty, #libertarian, etc. to be able to engage random people browsing through them.

My stats and analytics can only show me how many people viewed me (which is quite scary when I think about how many would actually use their time to check out my thoughts) but at the same time sharing on social media and engaging influencers helps amplify my voice to those who actually care or who might even have influencer in changing policy and public opinion.

Social media is helping shape the global landscape of politics and society (ie. Arab Spring). And I'm not really as annoyed as some people when a study showed cities in Manila have the most selfie posts than in any other part of the world. I just hope the more use it to share ideas for a freer and more prosperous society.

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