Cathy Reisenwitz vs Julie Borowski on How to Convince Others to Look Into Libertarianism

Let me begin by saying that I love these two girls dearly. Cathy Reisentwitz writes on her blog Sex and the State while Julie Borowski makes viral parody videos on her YouTube channel as the Token Libertarian Girl. These two have served as an inspiration for me and I've learned a great deal of political philosophy from both of them.

Reisenwitz makes the case for using the "check your privilege" argument to promote libertarianism which Borowski disagrees with as this seemingly goes against the philosophy of liberty -- we should see people as individuals and not as a group or class (a common position of proponents of the left-wing). 

I never took Julie Boroski as such a purist. I don't think there's anything wrong with changing an argument's tone or semantics in order to find compromise with non-libertarians. 

I think it's all about classic marketing principles. If you want conversion then find your target market, analyze the demographic they're part of, dissect their wants, needs, and beliefs, and hit them on their soft spot or where it matters most. I think this is main point of Reisenwitz for using the check your privilege position. 

In her Facebook page, there was one post about how what matters is not the arguments that converted us but the arguments that will convert others. It's all about tackling what benefits others most. It's classic marketing. You have to segment your target market into more specific groups and point out the benefit of what you are promoting in accordance with their needs. Taking the moral high ground of not altering your message to cater to certain demographics and psychographics will lessen the effectivity of your arguments.

But it doesn't necessarily mean you should always use the check your privilege position. What I'm saying is that it's worth using when needed.

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