Bureau of Immigration Imposes Yet Another Red Tape on Travel

BI requires all tourists proof of financial capability to travel, Manila Bulletin reports. The Bureau of Immigration chief Siegfred Mison says it is aimed at protecting Filipinos from being victims of human traffickers. Of course, government red tapes are always disguised with a noble intention but let me explain why this is against the interests of a free society.

Vote With Your Feet
We start with the Bill of Rights. In Section 6 it states ...Neither shall the right to travel be impaired except in the interest of national security, public safety, or public health, as may be provided by law.

And as usual, with any legislation, it is these buzzwords national security, public safety, and public health where bureaucrats and politicians find their loophole in abridging our rights and freedoms. These are almost always the reasons for any sort of red tape, prohibition, or censorship.

Coincidentally, human trafficking is against public safety and therefore most "experts" of public administration would say that Mison has been given mandate to legislate rules with no check or balance from the people's representatives (who are supposedly the legislative branch).

But you see, Mison is an appointed and unelected bureaucrat. His position is of the worst kind. If anything, we must, as I always remind in this blog, rethink the role of government and remember that they are merely governing at the consent of the governed. They should always only be our servant and never our master.

Also, rights are inalienable and not ever granted by government. In fact, the role of government should be limited to the protection of rights and not the granting thereof.

People have the inalienable right to move and vote with their feet. I abhor acts of human trafficking and I always hope for justice to be served. But you see, the burden shouldn't be imposed on the general public. The burden should be on the government's inability to put a stop to the organizations and individuals that participate in these fraudulent and immoral acts. In the end, imposing this red tape will not put a stop to human trafficking thus making it counterproductive.

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