Irish MP Calls Obama Hypocrite of the Year: Throwback Thursday Reminders

Since it's Throwback Thursday, I though it would be nice to post this relatively old video of Irish MP Clare Daly criticizing the Obama administration's foreign policy.

Let us remember that Obama ran and won in 2008 running as the peace candidate (a time when Iraq and Afghanistan occupations were big political debates). See his pledge in the video below:

The interesting twist though is, not only did he continue the foreign policy practices of the Bush administration -- he even increased the severity of it. Drone attacks are at an all-time high. Snowden's NSA leaks show the administration's disregard of their 4th amendment and even illegal wire-tapping or espionage on diplomats and politicians from all over the world. Economically, he started his term without changing Bush's secretary of treasury and Federal Reserve president Ben Bernanke -- institutions necessary to fuel the military-industrial complex. Change we can believe in, his universal selling point, was a lie -- plain and simple. There was no change. There was only more of the same.

And now he's positioning his legacy as the president who reformed healthcare, diverting issues on foreign policy, alleged war crimes, espionage, warrantless searches and detentions, and the elaborate power given to a small group of unelected oligarchs to monopolize money (fiat currency).

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