Should We Tell Kids the Truth About Santa?

Although it is not as big a culture here in the Philippines as it is in the west, it is still quite prominent for parents to tell children the story of Santa Claus. Stefan Molyneux explains his thoughts about this on the video below:

I personally think it's better to promote to children a practice of morality based on rationalism and respecting the liberties and property rights of others (doing what is right because it is the right thing to do) rather than use some operant conditioning technique by placing punishment and reward (doing what is right because of an incentive or in fear of punishment). 

I don't understand why it has to be necessary to promote a lie about a white bearded man from the north pole who flies reindeers around. And this is not limited to Santa. I have the same sentiment for guardian angels. And I feel the same about most made-up characters, secular or non-secular, used to scare or incentivize children. 

I just believe we don't have to lie to teach children about goodness. And that, in fact, this could be counterproductive and will only raise an unintellectual population subservient to a lying authority and who have a weak and dependent moral fiber.

Just my two cents. Actually just wanted to write something relevant to tonight's celebration. Happy holidays to you all! 

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