Rand Paul on Syria and Foreign Policy

It's really nice to see that there are still people who make sense in politics. The disappointing fact though is that there's very little of them and many times their ideas are marginalized. Here's Rand Paul on a hearing on sending aid to Syria:

The strongest argument against interventionist foreign policy for would be blowback (see History, Dictators, and Blowback). There was even a time when the US were allies with the Taliban against the Soviets. It bites back and there are always unintended consequences.

I think the concept of being Republican has been stained by W. Bush. The thing is, not all Republicans are war-mongering neocons like Rand Paul in the hearing above. And this position of non-interventionist foreign policy is actually one of the things that attracted those democrats that are Ron Paul supporters.

Notice how everyone just ignores him, no matter how sensible his statements are. The facade is national security and being the dissenter only makes you look unpatriotic. It's good to know there are still people in politics who make sense and who are not afraid to argue the facts to the tyranny of the majority.

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