Superman, Batman, and the Comparative Advantage

I remember an article I read a while back: Trade Makes People Better off, Even Superheroes. It is about superheroes trading with each other and the theory of comparative advantage. 

I am reminded by this because of the announcement that there will be an upcoming movie combining Batman and Superman and it will be made by the same makers of Man of Steel (a movie I really enjoyed).

The theory of Comparative Advantage supposedly makes the case that voluntary trading is a net benefit for nations, regardless of what advantage one nation has. At the same time, it decreases the chance of war: "If goods don't cross borders, soldiers will," said Frederic Bastiat.

So why do we have to make trading a complex and difficult procedure? (see also Why Do We Tax Ramen?)

The article in the link above makes the case, even someone like Superman who has an absolute advantage will still be able to benefit from trading with a traditional human policeman and vice versa. 

It is a pretense of knowledge to claim that you know how goods should be priced or what prices must be regulated when crossing borders and at the same time have the claim that your own decision will be beneficial for the majority of individuals that live in a certain geographical area. 

Borders are just imaginary lines drawn up by an emotionally appealing history and the select-few who seek to take control of what's within these lines. Allowing these select-few to decide for the majority and place red tapes on trade will hinder growth. Trade should always be enhanced and never restricted.

Looking at the Index of Economic Freedom, I always point out Hong Kong and Singapore as great models that are empirical proof of how free trade is beneficial.

Just some of my thoughts. I've been reading the anti-federalist papers and it further enhances my belief that a national government has no legitimate sovereignty over individuals. Power should be decentralized, minimal, and limited while freedom and trade must be allowed to flourish.

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