Unemployed or Underemployed? — Here Are a Few Reasons Why

In the video below, LearnLiberty.org talks about how mismatch of skills, government regulations, and government-influenced economic uncertainties are causes of underemployment and lower employment.

Learn Liberty makes a lot of really awesome videos that have really catchy and awesome visuals that make it a lot easier for people to absorb and understand. Also, their copy and scripting is always concise and fits the criteria of a generation with a very scarce attention span.

I'm actually making an AVP for work that will be used in an event of the company (I'm not sure if I can post it; maybe soon). I'm thinking I should also take time to use these skills and apply them in my advocacy of limiting government and enhancing individual liberty.

I am currently privileged to be involved with some fellow libertarians in continuous strategy analysis and planning on how to be more organized and effective in promoting classical liberal ideas. I've been thinking about how my skills can help in moving this agenda forward.

Through these tasks that I have right now for work, I am reminded of my passion in video production. 

I heard the next Adobe suite will be all in the clouds? That would be awesome as there wouldn't be much need in upgrading hardware but definitely one would have to pay the premium for getting an original copy (or access, I guess) as compared to now wherein I neither confirm nor deny having pirated copy.

I do apologize for the clutter and incoherence. At the end of it all, the subject in question is employment.

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