The Senate (2013 TV Series) Season 2

It's official: useful use of taxpayer network NBN has announced that its show The Senate will be shooting for another season. With a new ensemble cast whose acting diversities will surely make the show even more interesting. Even though my bet Belgica didn't make it through the audition, the crowd-favorite comedian Nancy Binay is also confirmed chosen for one of the main roles. This much-anticipated season 2 pilot will be airing in just a few days.

Unofficial Rumored Cast of The Senate Season 2

Looking back at last season, there's a lot for this season to prove. Let's not forget the amazing episodes when they found some dermatologist's sex tape. Or how about when they all fought about who made money buying poop for soil (how very post-modern artsy fartsy). And of course, that amazing finale plot twist of the suicide. Was he guilty? Was it foul play? The mystery factor is what engages many to watch the show. 
It's a lot like british shows. It's like Misfits in way how a bunch of weirdos get extraordinary powers or like Skins in a way how next seasons would have totally different characters and plots.

The change of characters and forgetting or non-continuity of plots drives me crazy though. I mean, whatever happened to the fertilizer? Who was the culprit and where was justice? 

But you know what? I don't mean to be a hipster or anything but this remake doesn't really do the original justice. Remeber the good old days when these people were the ones playing the roles: 

Original cast of The Senate

I'm not implying that those days were generally more ideal. It's just that at least the plot wasn't cheap. At least characters were based on philosophies and ambitions. Now its all just slapstick and recycled stories. It's not a show about ideals anymore. It's almost no different from your typical soap only now it's disgusting because it's a reality show.

Ang lakas mo Chiz! ;)

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