Homeland (2011 TV Series), the CIA, and Blowback

I've been watching Homeland season 2 lately and since the beginning of the show, I noticed that it has been portraying the whole concept of blowback or the unintended consequences of interventionist foreign policy and a big and secretive government. It's actually quite blatant as one of the recurring themes is a cover-up for a misguided drone strike that killed the innocent —a recurring reality as well regardless of republican or democratic administration.

I've written about the CIA before in my reflections on  History, Dictatros, and Blowback. These are actual and historical proof of why it is dangerous to surrender your liberties to a group of unelected bureaucrats in exchange for safety and security may be very dangerous. Homeland is an adaptation of reality and not entirely a fictional show.

I do recommend that you check out the show if you haven't seen it. I'm actually writing for the sake of writing. I'm trying to maximize my free time and make sure I don't lose essential skills I am not able to hone in my current choices and endeavors. One must exercise the muscle for it not to go away.

There are so many things to write about and fix in my template. For now, I continue watching. Thanks for dropping by.

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  1. Rafael S. BenedictoJanuary 10, 2016 at 5:06 AM


    It's not just Homeland which tells stories with messages like these. The many of the most popular TV series and movies in the world today have Libertarian ideas.

    Take Marvel's superhero movies, for example - especially in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. The villains of the movie, Hydra, determined that humanity has too much freedom which makes it too chaotic and unpredictable. The only way for humanity to be ensured safety from itself is to remove liberty its through the use of force and authoritarian intervention. Additionally, Captain America finds out that Hydra has stopped being an overt aggressor since WWII and became a shadow organization which has penetrated all kinds of influential agencies in order to stealthily spread their ideas and gain recruits. It gets even better. The movie also shows how SHIELD, the government agency intended to protect freedom and human rights, is not immune to being penetrated by their own enemies.

    The first time I saw the movie it seemed to me that this is exactly what the leftists in this country have done over the decades. They have basically taken over media publications, several government offices, and top teaching positions in universities which allowed them to influence and recruit more leftists into their fold. You mentioned that you were a strong leftist before. Where do you think you got those ideas from?

    I was once part of Atenews, the official student publication of Ateneo de Davao. It boasted to have played a key role in defying the Marcos Dictatorship during a time when student journalists in universities were persecuted by the government. But over the decades, the steady stream of leftist members who joined Atenews turned it from a freedom-loving publication into an authoritarian-loving, leftist recruitment center - exactly like what happened to SHIELD.

    Looking at patterns even further, it's not just Marvel. I see the same Libertarian messages in many of the most popular comic books, Hollywood productions, TV series, and video games in the world like Star Wars, Star Trek, StarCraft, WarCraft, DC comics, Game of Thrones, Planet of the Apes, Half-Life, etc.

    One may think that Libertarian ideas are dying since many of the top officials in our institutions are outspoken statists . But it's not - Libertarian ideas are very much alive in the entertainment industry. People may not understand much about liberty, economics, or morality. But just the fact that they love the titles mentioned above says everything as to which side they stand on.


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