European Union Collapse Not Looking So Silly Anymore

"... after failures in Portugal, Ireland, [Greece], Spain, and soon many more, it's obvious that the markets have been demanding that sovereignty be returned to the people of Europe. They can always only inflate too much until their bubble bursts," I said in a previous blog post.  And true enough more countries followed and there are more to come.

The direct theft from bank accounts of the citizens in Cyprus didn't change the minds of those who believe in the euro dream. Then a recession in France, which I thought would be the biggest game-changer (and anticipated it, btw), came and still these eurocrats and their believers remained faithful. But until when can they pretend as more and more people are seeing that the emperor has no clothes? 

The next step is the UK will exit the European Union as libertarian Nigel Farage leads the UKIP party to surge during elections stealing so many seats from the so-called conservative of David Cameron's party. More and more people are becoming aware of the party's arguments and its validity and UK's exit  from the EU is highly foreseeable in the very near future. 

Some, including some from US, are urging UK not to exit, to save their own faces, perhaps. Some say EU will live on and still be a strong market (which it isn't apparently) even without the UK. When will these people wake up? More alcohol is not the solution to their already massive hangover.

It's not as silly an idea anymore as compared to when I'd talk about it a year ago or something. It's come to the mainstream. Parties all over Europe who want out on the EU are gaining exponential popularity. Mainstream media is beginning to talk about it. Many politicians in the EU apologized for calling UKIP members crazy once they saw its surge. 

Before, when you'd bring up the topic of a Euro collapse, people will think you're delusional. Now, they have no choice but to consider it.

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