Top Essential Android Apps for the Libertarian

I've recently acquired a new smartphone. It's really crazy how market innovations can bring down prices especially in the tech/gadget industry. It is said to be a deflationary sector and remains to be one of the lesser regulated industries.

Just a few days ago, I wasted away one lunch break sitting in a room and waiting for a bureaucratic red tape. I had no smartphone then. For boring and useless moments like that, you can use your unlimited data and smartphone to do something productive instead. And for someone like me, and in a fast-paced world, it's great when you can bring your libertarianism with you. Here are my list of the top essential apps for libertarians out there.

Menu screenshot on my smartphone

The top is a widget from Associated Press. I only chose it because it covers the whole five blocks of my screen. Great for headlines and general world news.

Below that are widgets from Kitco called Kitcast that gives me the spot on gold and silver (you may also assign other commodities like oil, etc.)

Then there's the Aldiko reader that can read epub files of ebooks so you can read libertarian literature.

Then there's the Stefan Molyneux' show Freedomain Radio app, The Lew Rockwell Channel app, The Unofficial Mises app, Cato Mobile app, and The Liberty Portal. All awesome sources on personal opinion and policy analysis from many libertarian thinkers and think tanks.

For news and current events I have a good mix. RT News, RT News Live, and Al Jazeera app for alternative news mixed with mainstream combo of liberal-leaning CNN and the conservative Fox.

It's so awesome that I feel like I can never be bored again for as long as I have battery and data. And I'll learn so much at the same time.

And of course, you can easily share what you learn to the world through the power of social media. Technology is awesome.

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