Excited for LTE?

I must admit I am quite excited about all the developments in LTE connections here in the Philippines and how it can affect the regular speeds of internet we use at home but it does feel like I am excited for something that is so backward and primitive as compared to world standard. As much as we are excited for this fairly old tech (been available for about 4 years which is long in terms of the exponential development in this industry), we must also look into prices and quality of service.

Google announces Fiber connection that can go up to 1GB per second
I've already made a strong case regarding this last year in my other blog (see Why is the Internet Slow in the Philippines).

Just think about how the SMS market changed back when Sun cellular entered the market introducing the concept of unlimited texts. Nowadays you can text a thousand times for 20 pesos which back then would have been only 20 texts.

It wasn't the government or NTC who forced the prices down. There was no need to put price controls on this industry. It was all achieved naturally through competition. Prices go down, innovation and quality of services go up -- all through the power of the market.

What the government needs to do is to step back and ease on or abolish the red tapes for players who want to enter the market. The market already provides natural incentives of patronage and continued profit and all the burdens and taxes only discourage foreign investors and local entrepreneurs to risk their capital.

This is true for the internet service providers and for all industries across the board. Checking the index of economic freedom and comparing them to the stats of internet speed averages (as I have pointed out in my blog post in the link above), you will see the direct correlation.

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