Can individuals survive without a central bank?

Short answer is yes. The people over at Learn Liberty really did a good job on making this easy-to-understand video on the functions of central banking and why it is not only possible to end it but also very beneficial.

In fact, as explained in the video above, Hong Kong doesn't even have a central bank. Aside from the sound arguments of how a competitive private sector can do the job of central bankers more efficiently, there is also empirical evidence that supports it.

Many roles that the central bank play are controlled by the competitive private sector in Hong Kong (although there is the Hong Kong monetary authority, it doesn't necessarily do some roles that most central banks carry).

From the researches I've been conducting regarding purchases in gold and silver, Hong Kong is a prime location as you can even buy gold and silver in banks. Many of them, as mentioned in the video, even provide private bank notes.

Although dismissed by mainstream economists, there is a lot of debate and strong arguments on how exactly The Great Depression happened. Many of these "experts" will even dismiss that the dollar didn't really lose value since the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913.

In conclusion, it won't really matter. The real answer to my question would be: individuals are going to have to survive.  Regardless of marginalizing libertarian positions regarding this issue, central banks will eventually destroy themselves.

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