I Accidentally Changed Template


I was supposed to write but ended up spending my time figuring out the "dynamic views" template of Blogger. Here are my thoughts at first glance:

  • Not very SEO-friendly. Then again, this is entirely speculative. You would expect more, though, from a blogging service owned by Google.
  • Where did all my widgets go?
  • Why can't I customize this? (Wordpress can have a similar vibe and still retain customization options)
  • What's the deal with ads and how are they placed in the different dynamic views?
  • Is this really the direction that Blogger is taking? (a big shift, much like Facebook switching to Timeline)
Post-it notes on my mac dashboard are telling me that I have three pending topics to blog about: upcoming elections, Atlas Shrugged, and labor unions. I will try to write about these three really soon since outlines are already in my head anyway. I was writing for the sake of writing anyway.

I remember a saying: rights are like muscles -- if you don't exercise them, they will go away.

Yup, they say that you gotta exercise the muscle so that it won't go away. Practice makes perfect. Insert bit about Malcolm Gladwell and 10,000 hours. I have to always make time for writing.

I did say, or tell myself, at least, that I'm writing a book. Not a novel. Just a book. I wouldn't even call it a book. I try to tell myself it's a narrative.

I just say book because I want my ideas published and tangible and hopefully I get to trick family and friends into buying them. If it doesn't push through, all drafts could go to my blogs anyway and contribute to my online traffic and earnings.

I haven't been tweeting. I did tell myself that I will be using it to tweet lessons learned and topic outlines. Maybe I should use that other account that was specifically made for my wage labor experiences. I don't even remember the password on that one.
I am currently migrating to a new and advanced version of myself. Kindly monitor for improvement and feedback in the soonest possible time.

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