Small Fish in a Big Pond — a Reflection

Sartre wrote many of his significant works after becoming a prisoner of war. There's surely some sense of creativity or desire to express after a period of captivity. There was that lovely quote in Cloud Atlas saying that only those who are deprived of freedom have the barest inkling of what it truly is.

If satisfied with the voluntary contract, your resident blogger will be selling his life on a monthly installment plan in exchange for fiat currency and health insurance. It's not really hard to guess what this big pond is being that it, along with its competitor, is enjoying an antitrust-provoking duopoly. And it is in my instinct that this captivity will breed brilliant lessons and ideas in my head and, much like Sartre, hopefully I am able to share them to my readers.

In spite of studies about more effective work environments and bottom-up approaches to management, it's quite interesting that cubicles and bureaucracies remain to exist. And, of course, one of the self-proclaimed goal would be to tear down these walls, revolutionize and reinvent the job description, and set the button-pushers free. The plan is to create a dent in this globe, no matter how small a fish I am in the big pond; much like how a flap of a butterfly's wings, some say, could cause a hurricane.

I've decided to make it a part of my soul searching social experiment. And of course I am merely justifying, with the use of all these intellectual references, the fact that I am in need of fiat currency to sustain the lifestyle and commodities I have learned to enjoy and love.

The existential crisis, I guess, is choosing among being in a field I love, an industry that pays well, or a life of a starving aspiring author and artist who is happy with just getting Facebook likes and eating pancit canton.

I would also love to be sent into exile like many great thinkers and make this a big part of this soul searching process. Travel, of course, is what I mean by this. Maybe check out something more affordable and local first. Maybe Dapitan (I'm really going for the exile vibe)? Anywhere rich in history that can stimulate my consciousness.

And rumors tell me that this mafia we call the government will coerce me into giving 30% of my earnings to their ponzi schemes and the pockets of their appointed bureaucrats. All of which are cloaked in the noble intention of providing infrastructure and social justice. It's my first time to experience this kind of legalized plunder and will surely help, along with my captivity, in providing better and more effective content for this blog.

I must spend the rest of my remaining time before I meet the contract face to face in reflection and solitude.

Faber est suae quisque fortunae

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