HarryLeaks is now 3-years Old

It's amazing how time flies. It feels like only yesterday when decided to start this blog as a budding libertarian. I knew very little back then, knowing very little about libertarianism and the Austrian School of Economics. Since then I have met amazing people and have read wonderful works of literature all because of this political philosophy I have learned to love.

I was reminded of my blog's anniversary when I was walking home last Friday and noticed that people have already decorated their houses with Christmas lights and stuff. It'd be nice to point out that my first ever post on this blog, which I initially wrote on Facebook as a note, is about the government's, specifically that of my home town's, way of celebrating the holiday season.

See The Government's Spirit of Christmas (my first ever blog post here).

Surely, I have improved on my writing since then. Looking back, I see so many typos and errors in this blog that I'm lazy to fix up. Maybe when I have the time.

I'm really grateful from the number of views that this blog has gotten, along with the many other blogs I manage. I do earn a humble amount of money through Google AdSense. Aside from the traffic I am able to get from articles that are able to rank on the search engines, there are also a lot from the social media pages I post on. Thank you for your curiosity about the things I am writing about. I'll make sure I continue to improve and be more effective and less boring (many people tend to be apathetic or bored about political issues and philosophies).

I don't really have much to write about as of now. The world remains the same: politics as usual. Sometimes I do get lazy and cynical when it comes to writing about liberty, governments, politics, and current events. Nothing ever changes. But hey, the pen is mightier than the sword. Surely, blogging is more powerful than their guns and their bombs.

I'm actually quite sick right now but I'm looking forward to checking out Cloud Atlas later. Thanks for dropping by. Will write soon.

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