Too Wild: RNC and GOP Establishment Goes Crazy Blatant at Suppressing Ron Paul Delegates

Here's a video of some events that occurred during the RNC (Republican National Convention). 
And just to make it easier for myself, I would just like to quote my predictions on my post "Ron Paul Wins Iowa and Minnesota — my Predictions for the 2012 Republican National Convention in Tampa" and here it is verbatim:
Come August, Ron Paul's delegates will go to Tampa and they will not come alone. Ron Paul's supporters will come from all over the US and outside screaming and chanting "Ron Paul" or "End the Fed" or "President Paul" at the top of their lungs. 
 The GOP establishment will try every thing in their power, just as they've been doing, to find technicalities and power so they can prevent Ron Paul's delegates and his supporters from joining the convention and it won't be a conspiracy theory but will be even more blatant than back in 2008.  
They will hire so-called "experts" to talk on mainstream media to misrepresent and misinterpret libertarianism and Ron Paul's platform. The majority will believe them. The only true reports of what's going on will be on alternative and social media and yet most Americans, especially the older generation who's not exposed to social media, will remain apathetic and attached to the Democrat/Republican [left/right paradigm] establishment.  
 Romney will emerge victorious as the nominee but come November for the elections, because W. Bush has completely destroyed the reputation of the Republican establishment, Obama will win as president of the United States. Nothing will change in spite of Obama's "change we can believe in" rhetoric. The same foreign policy, the same economic and monetary policies, the same degradation of civil liberties.
This isn't even the only video or reports about the RNC. Just got search for more if you want. It's just so unbelievable how blatant and beyond my predictions the GOP establishment put effort into censoring Ron Paul and his supporters and not to mention the duly elected delegates.

It's heartbreaking. But hey, it's politics as usual.

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