My GMA 7 YouScoop Video on SONA

This was supposedly aired. Doesn't matter as I guess no one watches the news all day (or maybe just watch on other channels or just stream or read about it online) and at the time people really focused on watching the president's SONA. I was actually at work at the time and didn't have the chance to see if this was broadcasted.

I discussed the Freedom of Information Bill (see my article on Freedom of Infromation Bill Philippines). I wanted something general that could have some sort of populist appeal but at the same time something that could make people rethink the role of government and reform governance. 
Citizens have the right to question, audit, and constrain the government's wasteful spending and corruption. They do govern only at the consent of the governed.
I don't think I can make video blogs. I mean, I have no problem talking in front of an audience or giving presentations, that's all fine with me, but talking in front of a screen feels weird, at least for now. I actually wrote down bullet points on my screen to make sure I covered everything I wanted to be said.
But hey, candidates for our legislative houses are coming up next year. There's really no surprise that there's no initiative on our president to lobby congress to pass FOI.
(see also: Bureaucracy in the Private Sector; Citizen Initiative to Social or Political Issues)

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