Lew Rockwell explains how Ron Paul and his son Rand Paul are Different

I was obviously infuriated with Rand Paul's endorsement of Mitt Romney as you can see in my previous post For Sale: Rand Paul and I do stand by my disdain with this revelation. To further strengthen my view of Rand Paul, here's Lew Rockwell, chairman of Ludwig Von Mises Institute, who seems to have a very similar opinion as me about the issue:

Lew Rockwell: Ron Paul and Rand Paul are Different

"Too bad it was on Hannity, who is, of course, an enemy of Ron Paul. I think it's not a surprising announcement at all. Rand has always made it clear that he's not a libertarian [but a] Republican conservative... I think what we have to think about is, first of all, congratulating Ron Paul on all he's done, on the millions of kids he brought to the liberty movement not only in this country but in foreign countries," says Lew Rockwell.

We seem to agree on the big disappointment that Rand had to do the endorsement in Hannity's show and with how Ron Paul has spread the message of liberty all over the world (see Ron Paul supporters are all over the world).

It's also good that he mentioned that Rand Paul is a Republican conservative as compared to Ron Paul who is a libertarian. I've always had a problem explaining to people why Ron Paul is in the Republican party and how he's not a neoconservative nor was he an advocate of any of the policies of George Bush. Lew Rockwell even mentions in the latter part of the video that Ron Paul never endorsed nor voted for Bush even if he was part of the Republican Party (for more on the differences see my article Liberal vs Conservative vs Libertarian).

The interviewer then continues with "Lew, I know you're saying it's not really a surprise but a lot of people in the blogosphere are very shocked and are saying, you know, he's a sell out".

Yeah, I'm surely one of those in the blogosphere calling him a sellout. Not to mention that this "blogosphere" the interviewer refers to is social media, which serves as an alternative source of information and news for people all over the world which, I believe, contributes greatly to the campaign for liberty (see my article on Why is Ron Paul Attracting Young Voters?).

In the latter part of the video, Lew then recommends that people don't vote at all. It's interesting that many times I am criticized for having never voted in my life. You see, many libertarians don't believe in voting or any other sort of political action to achieve social change. 

I've always argued that education (blogging and sharing information in social media being just some means to do so) is much more powerful and effective than political action. If I can change the mind of just two individuals about certain policies or political philosophies, that's already more powerful than one unconscious vote. And by unconscious vote, I mean those who vote not based on platform or ideology but based on skills in rhetoric and demagoguery.

It's funny though that Lew Rockwell says Ron Paul is an exception to this rule. It's true that I will only vote here in the Philippines if someone like Ron Paul or someone with the same kinds of advocacies in his/her platform runs for office. Although I'm not really as extreme as Rockwell about this issue as I'm already considering endorsing and promoting Gary Johnson in this blog for the 2012 US presidential elections (I mentioned this in the For Sale: Rand Paul post).

Can I just say that I love RT news. The mainstream media, regardless if conservative or liberal, will always have some sort of bias in protecting the establishment's interests. This is why it's always so refreshing to watch RT news and see a different perspective on the news.

When I was in a hotel in Tagaytay a few weeks ago with some friends, I actually noticed that the cable there had RT news! I should call my cable service provider and inquire if they have RT.

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