In Case of a Zombie Apocalypse: Prepare Manila!

With the Miami cannibal attacks trending all over the interntet, I figured it would be fitting to write about the impending zombie apocalypse. Aside from mental and physical conditioning, we will definitely be needing a lot of how-to guides and equipment in case of an outbreak here in Manila. Surely, watching episodes of The Walking Dead or playing Left 4 Dead won't be enough to make any of us prepared but here's something that might help: is a website managed by my friend Anthony and was initially created for the purpose of informing and preparing Manila for natural disasters like earthquakes or floods. I've always noticed though that the content of the webpage could also be found very useful in case of a zombie apocalypse. I've actually insisted that he should write an article about a zombie apocalypse but he mentioned that it will need extensive research (not to mention our lack of knowledge on how zombies will come to be and how it's all gonna go down).

In the Prepare Manila Facebook group, a community of avid "preppers" or survivalists share ideas, tips, techniques, and trade equipment or share equipment sources. They talk about different kinds of equipment that will surely be helpful in case of a zombie apocalypse like weapons, emergency kits, first-aid kits, sustainable energy resources, water distillation equipment, and many other survival tools and gadgets.  

A rendering of me in a zombie apocalypse (c/o Adrienne Bernal)

I'm not really so aware of gun control laws in the country. I've actually never fired a gun before. The libertarian position though is that we all have the right to keep and bear arms. I noticed that in most zombie fiction, one of the first struggle of individuals are lack of firearms and other weapons. 

Also, I must mention that the government, whom we've granted a monopoly on weapons and force, can easily justify some sort of martial law or junta government in this kind of chaotic situation. If the zombies aren't runners (slow and stupid zombies like the ones in Shaun of the Dead), there's probably good reason to fear other humans more.  

A scene from 28 Days Later (probably my all-time favorite zombie film)

Being prepared in times of an unforeseen disaster is surely a personal responsibility. I'm sure there's no harm in investing in contingency plans and equipment. I should personally focus on getting in shape (all I've been doing is sitting on my ass and writing, really). Yeah, maybe I'll go to the gym tomorrow.

Rule #32: Enjoy the little things.

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