For Sale: Rand Paul

Just when I thought nothing could make my throbbing hangover headache worse: yup, Ron Paul's son, rookie senator from Kentucky Rand Paul is all over my newsfeed for endorsing Mitt Romney. Allow me to quote from Adam Kokesh's Twitter account "I'm not surprised Rand Paul endorsed Romney, only that he did it so soon." I've got two words to summarize how I feel (and perhaps have always felt) about Rand Paul: Sell Out.

Rand Paul endorses Mitt Romney on Hannity

And Hannity, of all places. What a blow to his father's principles. And Hannity has the decency to say "I have no idea why [Ron Paul is] still mad at me". Maybe he's forgotten all about the 2008 Republican presidential elections or all his opinion pieces calling Ron Paul "crazy". Now all of a sudden he "agrees with many things" with Ron Paul? It's purely ridiculous bantering to somehow appeal to fiscal conservatives who support Ron Paul.

It's pure and simple that when you endorse Mitt Romney, then you endorse his platform. That's the main point of an endorsement, really. And who can truly believe, with Romney's history of flip-flopping, that the guy is against SOPA? Not to mention he supports all the costly wars and interventionism of the US, bombing Iran and many other countries, the Patriot Act, the NDAA, the TSA, TARP and the bailouts, the War on Drugs, the fake spending cuts, the secrecy of the Federal Reserve (all of which Obama supports too by the way) and so much more (it might be too long to list Romney's flawed platform so I should probably save that for another post). Basically, all these are things that your father passionately fought against, Rand. He was marginalized and people laughed at him when he talked abou these things. Hannity, that guy you're talking to on that interview, is one of the people who laughed at your father! It's disgusting and I'm infuriated.

Your father would never have done something like this. There was a time when he endorsed Reagan because of the platform he ran on. But when Reagan and his administration strayed away from this platform HE RESIGNED. He would never compromise his principles. This is something you obviously didn't get from him (I can't believe I'm writing as if I'm talking to him).

I'm obviously really pissed off by this news. I'm one of those who aren't so pleased regardless of his agenda (some say that he's just trying to infiltrate the establishment). I don't really care what kind of influence Rand will get out of this. I couldn't care less if he gets a VP ticket. I can't believe he will be going around the US to campaign for Romney, talking to real people, and will be lying to them that Romney will limit the size and scope of government.

On the photo above, Ron Paul wears his military uniform when he was drafted during the Vietnam war and with him is, yes, his son Rand Paul. It's quite ironic to point out that Mitt Romney was very supportive of both the draft and the Vietnam war and yet was deferred several times.

I've always thought that the race isn't over until the national convention in Tampa on August. In case that it is, this blog will probably be endorsing Gary Johnson instead, the official Libertarian Party nominee (I will write more about him real soon). But here's to hoping that all this is still very premature.

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  1. professional politician.

    family, friends AND ideology hold no special meaning. haha

  2. "no permanent friends, no permanent enemies, just permanent interests" ugh politics...


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