An Appeal to Anti Lady Gaga Concert Protesters in Manila

Certain religious groups have decided to protest against the Lady Gaga concert in Manila. Several of our politicians also expressed the same sentiment. (source)

Anti-Lady Gaga Concert Protest

These people, of course, are exercising their freedom of assembly, freedom of speech, and, to a certain extent, their freedom to practice the religion of their choice. My concern is that they are protesting against extending these freedoms to others. Keep in mind, our liberty ends where the liberties of others begin. As that famous quote goes: I may not agree with what you are saying but I defend to the death your right to say it. They can peacefully protest all they want in the proper venues but they can never ask the government to take away the same freedoms they are exercising from others.

I'm personally not a fan at all of Lady Gaga but I definitely wouldn't want those who enjoy her music to be deprived of the right to watch her live. This is all voluntary after all. No one is pointing a gun at anyone and forcing them to go to the concert. If the protesters really deem this concert as immoral then they don't have to go. For minors, it's surely a parenting issue and not a State issue. These protesters have every right to be a restrictive parent, perhaps heavily regulate their kids' internet and other media usage or something to prevent them from being influenced by Gaga but they have no right to impose this kind of parenting on others.

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Plus, it is quite a petty issue. If anything, the Lady Gaga concert in Manila or any other concert for that matter will create jobs and be good for our economy. It will also show that our country is safe to be visited by tourists. It's just my opinion that the protesters might have a better use of their time or so many other issues to advocate or protest about.

I was actually at the Lamb of God concert here in Manila a few years ago, something you'd think would be an instant target of protest from social conservatives. Much to their dismay, I don't worship satan or engage in violent activity in spite of my liking for the loud music of Lamb of God. I just appreciate the skill and talent in their music. My theory, had they known about the Lamb of God concert, I'm sure they would have protested as well and they would have wanted me to be deprived of my peaceful and non-violent right to watch the concert.

The social conservatives will always be there and they will always have this war on the "immorality" of music they don't like. Just look at how there are kids on the photo of the protests. They will surely grow up and raise kids of their own and pass on this indoctrination that only certain groups should be able to exercise certain freedoms, especially groups that agree with their own personal beliefs. Again, I emphasize that I respect their right to assemble and speak out their voice for as long as they are not hurting anyone or destroying property in the same manner that I respect the rights of those who want to assemble and voluntarily watch Lady Gaga.

I'm just really scared of the involvement of our politicians and lawmakers. I fear that this kind of social conservative mentality will lead to censorship, regulation of the internet (something most of us fear as expressed by the world when threatened with SOPA), a big and restrictive government, and further degradation of our civil liberties.

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