Ron Paul Wins Iowa and Minnesota — my Predictions for the 2012 Republican National Convention in Tampa

The establishment and mainstream media has dubbed him the "unelectable" candidate. He didn't even get to win any state during the straw polls. But you see, the process is not about the straw polls but about the delegates that will be going to the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida come August. And guess what, it seems the unelectable candidate has been winning a competitive amount of delegate slots. 

It's either first place or a tie for Iowa or Minnesota

Iowa's straw polls have always been important because it has usually been first of all caucuses and at the same time there has been a trend of the winners of landing the White House for candidates like Reagan, Clinton, W. Bush, and more recently Barack Obama. But you see, for most states, delegates are not bound to vote for whoever won the straw polls and this is exactly why the establishment is threatened — Ron Paul, as reported on the video above, will either have a tie or be first place for the numbers of delegates coming from Iowa.

FOX News admits it's "inevitable" for Ron Paul to be part of the ballot in Tampa

As you can see, the media pundits, these same people who have been calling Ron Paul unelectable and ignoring his campaign have no choice but to recognize the fact that he will be on the ballot. I am not saying he is going to be the nominee but there's one thing I can tell you about Ron Paul supporters, as written on the quote above on this blog: "You can quote them; disagree with them; glorify or vilify them. About the only thing you can't do is ignore them." Eventually, the mainstream media will no longer be able to ignore Ron Paul.

Ron Paul rallies not covered by the mainstream media

I have pointed out before that the supposed front runner Romney has a habit of not being able to fill a room and talking to empty chairs and yet still gets the attention of the mainstream media whereas Ron Paul gets thousands in his rallies, gets the highest donations from those in active military duty of all candidates combined, and yet is the one least talked about.

My Predictions: 

Come August, Ron Paul's delegates will go to Tampa and they will not come alone. Ron Paul's supporters will come from all over the US and outside screaming and chanting "Ron Paul" or "End the Fed" or "President Paul" at the top of their lungs. 

The GOP establishment will try every thing in their power, just as they've been doing, to find technicalities and power so they can prevent Ron Paul's delegates and his supporters from joining the convention and it won't be a conspiracy theory but will be even more blatant than back in 2008. 

They will hire so-called "experts" to talk on mainstream media to misrepresent and misinterpret libertarianism and Ron Paul's platform. The majority will believe them. The only true reports of what's going on will be on alternative and social media and yet most Americans, especially the older generation who's not exposed to social media, will remain apathetic and attached to the Democrat/Republican establishment.

Romney will emerge victorious as the nominee but come November for the elections, because W. Bush has completely destroyed the reputation of the Republican establishment, Obama will win as president of the United States. Nothing will change in spite of Obama's "change we can believe in" rhetoric. The same foreign policy, the same economic and monetary policies, the same degradation of civil liberties.

"Let it not be said the we did nothing"

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