Anthem by Ayn Rand Audiobook

Hey, look what I found! It's one of the most influential books in my life that really contributed a lot to the political philosophy I have learned to love. It's an audiobook of Anthem by Ayn Rand. My ultimate favorite first line of it is a sin to write this.

Part 1 of Anthem by Ayn Rand Audiobook

I'm personally more of an audiobook guy. I love listening to debates, audiobooks, speeches, and lectures on YouTube especially before my sleep. It's sort of like my bedtime story. For those who are more into reading, you can get the full text in different formats here.

It's not even as big on libertarianism at all. It's more of the struggle of an individual in a dystopian collectivist society that is based on extreme egalitarianism and primitivism. It's a really short and engaging story that I recommend to all my readers.

I'm really so tired right now. I know I'm so held back on so many things I have to write about like Ron Paul's campaign, super tuesday, Iran/Israel conflict, The Iron Lady, irrationality of prohibition, and so much more. Right now though I'm about to pass out and I think it's brilliant that I can just embed videos and share it to the world. It makes the life of a libertarian blogger much easier.

That book above changed my life completely and I hope you guys like it as well. I'm going to listen to this now and sleep. Goodnight. :)

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