Ron Paul Welcomed by Over 4000 People at Michigan State University

Yup, this is the kind of stuff your mainstream media will never cover. And it's always like this. Ron Paul's supporters are always the most passionate and enthusiastic.

Ron Paul Michigan State University 
Panoramic Shot of 4000 Ron Paul Supporters at MSU

I made a strong case for why Ron Paul attracts young voters. It is because this kind of stuff only shows up on Twitter (checkout these hashtags: #RonPaul, #tlot, #gop2012, and many more) and Facebook.  Social media exposes the truth. For some reason, the mainstream media has been fixated on the myth that Ron Paul is unelectable thus discrediting everything even his message and the strong grassroots organization he has.

Before Ron Paul's Speech in front of 4000 supporters

And so who is "electable" according to the establishment and the mainstream media? As Ron Paul gets 4000+ people in his rallies during his campaign, flipflopper Mitt Romney has this habit of talking to empty chairs:

Mitt Romney Addressing Empty Chairs

And the same thing happens to Newt and Santorum. And those who are exposed to these reports from social media are baffled by the blatant disregard of the mainstream media (I've posted several videos and articles regarding this matter on this blog). 

Ron Paul Addressing Supporters in Michigan State University

And the one value the supporters have learned from Ron Paul is consistent principled integrity. They will never backtrack. Many obviously will not support the nominee if the nominee is not Ron Paul and obviously goes against the ridiculous claim of the Santorum camp that Ron Paul is in alliance with Mitt Romney. Ron Paul has been fighting for the same thing for 30 years and aside from the hundeds of videos posted online that support that one can always just look at Ron Paul's consistent voting record in congress. He has always voted in favor of liberty and against the benefit of the politicians, bankers, and special interest lobbyists. All three other candidates and even Obama will fail severely in this aspect when compared to Ron Paul.

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