Libertarian Dubstep

A 19-year old electronic music producer has gone a bit viral among libertarians after getting featured in the Daily Paul and the LRC blog.

His dubstep track "The State" features samples from Murray Rothbard's book "For a New Liberty: a Libertarian Manifesto".

Interesting enough, this is one of the first libertarian material I finished (I didn't really read it but listened to the audiobook). This is because when you search "libertarianism" on Pirate Bay (I was looking for documentaries), one of the search results would be a collection of Rothbard's works which eventually lead me to download a collection of most of his works and lectures in audio form.

Mind you, the works of Rothbard are a bit of the acquired tastes; a great leap forward of sorts. There are readings that are less aggressive and much easier to swallow that I would recommend you begin with (this is if you're new to the concept of libertarianism).

The comments on the video are so funny and entertaining. It's nice to see that there are libertarians who are into dubstep. I do make some electronic music as well so be sure to check out my soundcloud account.

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