Liberty Milk—once again, I couldn't resist.

I do entertain myself too much sometimes, I know. There are just times when I can't resist. What constitutes "funniness" is different for everyone anyways. And libertarian political philosophy says to each his own. So let me be. haha.

liberty condensada

My previous post regarding the bureaucracy of the MTRCB was too serious anyway (although very substantial and truthful). And, as I have said, it's always nice to have a break from time to time (actually as much times as possible haha). The previous post actually got shared on Facebook twice! That's pretty viral already for my standards haha.

Please help support HarryLeaks by going to the C2 Facebook Page, click like, go to the voting page and then look for the one that says "Toby Concepcion" and please watch, vote, and share. My Google AdSense earnings hasn't really been sufficient to satisfy the expectations of my family and society. I could really use the spare cash I'll get if we win.

c2 philippines
This is what you do after clicking like on the C2 Facebook Page

If I get employed, it is very likely that I will no longer be able to focus on writing about libertarianism or write in this blog as much and thus our nation's future would be at risk. So, if you care about your children and your children's children, and the peace and prosperity of our nation, then please go to the C2 Facebook page and vote for out video. :)

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