Bureaucrats in the Philippines Photoshop Themselves Into Typhoon Cleanup

The international community notices our country again, not so long after the Anti-Planking Act of 2011 was trending worldwide on twitter. An article at the Washington post found the story of Philippine officials photoshopping themselves into a typhoon cleanup project very interesting and decided to write about it. And now it has become viral.

My first real question, of course, is have they resigned? And if not, when are they planning to? Also, what will be the penalties for their actions? Betrayal of public trust is a very serious offense (and I'm dismayed at the fact that Google AdSense prohibits me from cursing during this post).

Fabricating images isn't a new concept at all. Even back during the times of film, the big government of Soviet Russia has been doctoring photographs for propaganda purposes.

lenin doctored photo trotsky
In this photo, Trotsky was removed, I think Lenin was the one left behind

stalin doctored photos
In this photo, an officer walking with Stalin was removed

dpwh philippines photoshopped
Here, bureaucrats from the DPWH photoshop themselves into a typhoon cleanup project

This is very serious. This is exactly what big, powerful, and secretive government does. And this is just one of the many ways. What about the many other photographs that were never discovered to be fakes? What about the taxpayer's money?

This is why I always emphasize that limiting the power and spending capabilities of the government, minimizing their roles, and taking away unnecessary bureaucracies are important solutions to achieve peace and prosperity here in our nation.

I don't think it's a funny or petty issue at all. I think it is a mockery of our freedom, of our constitution, of our rights. It's an absolute betrayal of public trust.

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