I Couldn't Resist

Just got home from driving and doing some chores when I saw these on our kitchen table. And as the title suggests, I just really couldn't resist. I had to take a picture of myself with it.

harry leeks
Harry Leeks

I do entertain myself too much sometimes. I am very easy to please. Sometimes random vegetables are enough to make me very entertained. I guess it's also good for the readers to have a break from all the serious political philosophy and undying defense for liberty. So here's some electro and dubstep:

Harry Peaks

45 mins of awesome. If you follow me on Twitter you'll notice that I love listening to this guy's podcasts and playlists. I got many of my current favorite songs from him. I really recommend that you subscribe to his channel. I'm pretty selfish with my music so you're lucky I'm sharing them.

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