The 4th Branch of Government: Who Controls the Media?

Remember when Jon Stewart exposed mainstream media's attempts to conceal Ron Paul's successful campaign?

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It's just funny that I was in 711 a while ago and saw Rick Perry on the cover of Time magazine. It's just so weird, especially for someone who's been watching closely into the GOP nomination campaign, for there to be this big hype of Rick Perry being the top tier from both liberal and conservative media.

Isn't that a form of massive global campaign? A propaganda of sorts lead by the media itself! Imagine, Perry's face on all coffeeshops, bookstores, groceries, not just the US but as I have said even in 711s here in the Philippines.

He wasn't even there during the first few debates. His voting records contradict the stuff he is campaigning for now. He's riding with the whole fiscal conservative "tea party" economics trend when really Ron Paul has been talking about these issues for a very long time now, even predicting many of the current problems the the US is facing.

I'm not really much on the conspiracy theories (well maybe a bit), but watching the whole campaign so far, sometimes it's so obvious that there are those in power who manipulate and orchestrate world politics and economics.

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