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There’s this interesting take on the “lesser evil” concept on and being that I’ve become somewhat paranoid with Google AdSense rules in regards with copied content, I’ll just provide a screenshot:

That being pointed out, maybe you’ll notice that I’m actually against the whole concept of becoming a statesman or even the very inherent concepts it is founded on. A few weeks ago I got a chance to learn about Agorist political philosophy and they go as far as saying that bureaucrats are a certain class of people whose power steps down on a much lower class: the entrepreneurial class, those who thrive on innovation and voluntary exchanges.

The support I got was very surprising. I’d usually post my article link on Facebook and no one would bother to click like and I’ve actually picked up on a habit of liking my own posts at around 9pm onwards (or whenever I notice that a lot of people are online) just to bump up my links on people’s homepages.

I’m not really the political type; first of all I hate smalltalk. There’s just so much PR and pretentiousness involved with becoming a potential bureaucrat and I’m not very fond of that. I don’t think waking up early to put up a show on a bunch of cameras or shake hands all day is something I’ll enjoy doing.

The idea was mostly based on the concept of a mockumentary of sorts. I was thinking it’s a video project that could go viral, inject the right values and philosophies into people’s minds, and at the same time something that would be fun for me to work on. I could probably persuade my friends into helping out (I know a lot who are very interested in filmmaking) and if not I can do it all on my own, all I’d need is a cameraman and I could do everything from editing to marketing all on my own. It’s funny that I’ll be forty by then and yet I see myself as the exact person I am now.

I honestly never thought anyone would take it seriously. Either they were very amused by it or they’re really so pissed about the current system that even the most ridiculous idea of me becoming president is a desirable alternative for them. I even had people telling me they’d fund me. There were those giving me tips on how I can actually make it possible. 17 years is a long time to prepare, I guess.

There were a lot of amusing jokes about me appointing my close friends to positions I knew they’d enjoy. You see, that’s what happens with a big government with no limits—cronyism becomes inevitable. Even if your president is not corrupt, if the system allows it then everyone else who has the same opportunity to even the very bottom-feeders of this system will be corrupt. I’ve addressed this issue several times.

It is a limited-government and people’s entrepreneurship and trade that will make us prosperous. That is the political philosophy I have learned to love—the philosophy of liberty.

So now that issue is settled, there is some serious blog writing that I have to attend to. Last week, for instance, I was at the CMFR (Center for Media Freedom and Responsibility) policy forum on the Freedom of Infromation bill. This is about transparency and giving the people power to audit bureaucrats. I got free food and my face was on TV the next day for a few seconds. The video is online and I’ll post it along with my thoughts regarding this issue as soon as I can. For now maybe I can refer you to a previous post I wrote regarding transparency. I've just really been busy especially nowadays I've been freelancing and trying to earn some cash.

I am outside Shakey's right now stealing their wi-fi yet again. I would like to yield my remaining time. That would be all. I am Harry Santos and I approve of this message.

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