Funny Video of Pelosi and Cheney; Ron Paul back in 2008

If you checked my HubPages post about new TV shows I watch, you'll notice that I'm currently watching a TV show called Parks and Recreation. In that show, the main girl has a photo of Nancy Pelosi on her desk in some of the episodes. This reminded me of a David Letterman skit where they showed Nancy Pelosi and Dick Cheney having a blinking contest:

Hilarious video Nancy Pelosi vs Dick Cheney

Bush and Cheney are neoconservatives. Not everyone in the Republican party are neocons. There are conservatives who use the word in the classical liberal sense much like fiscal conservatives who want to reduce spending and balance the budget.

Above is a series of different clips and videos of Ron Paul including the one from the 2008 Republican presidential debate where he stood for his beliefs and principles regardless if it was a marginalized minority position. That's actually one of the first videos of Ron Paul that I watched back then and look at me now blogging and learning more about libertarianism.

When you search Ron Paul in YouTube all the results are usually economics stuff because of the debt and economic issues (which he all predicted and warned against). So I figured it would also be nice to share clips from his old videos such as the one above.

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