US Politics Fandom—a Hillary/RonPaul Ship

Adrienne Nicole Bernal has been introducing me to a lot of fanfiction concepts and slang. From what I understand, when you say that you are "shipping" someone, that means that you are making two characters a fictional couple. In this video, I find that Ron Paul and Hillary gets a "ship" moment in the last part.

Hillary gives Ron Paul a really cheeky grin when she praises him and his campaign for liberty. It's even funnier that a guy at the last part comments you're gonna encourage him. It's funny but also very true. There was a time when he was very marginalized and some even considered him a lunatic and they didn't want the concepts Ron Paul was introducing to many people all over the world to be encouraged.

It's impressive how well-versed Hillary Clinton is on rhetoric and public discussion. She makes it seem as if she was on Ron Paul's side, uses a lot of compliments, even when inherently she is against almost everything that Ron Paul stands for. That's what you call effective persuasion. Many politicians are thriving for having such a skill.

Speaking of Hillary, and since I am "running for President on 2028", I am reminded of how a friend warned me that up to today she is criticized for a thesis she did during college about Saul Alinsky. I don't even remember most of the school papers I wrote and at the time I was still drunk on the indoctrinations of statism. Plus, I have this old blog full of premature ideas and misguided advocacies. It doesn't matter, I guess. Political philosophies or platforms don't have merit on our elections anyway. I just need to get started on my acting career or maybe try to be really really good in boxing.

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