I hypothetically ate Combat Rations Yesterday

I took a short nap yesterday and had this really vivid dream that I got a chance to eat some US combat rations aka MREs.

Computer Extracted Image from my Dream

It's a shame that I don't friends who have access to black markets where these MREs are available for purchase. I'd really love to try them out in real life. It's a good thing though that I have some buddies over at Massive Dynamic and was able to pull some strings and have them extract some images from my dream.

Computer Generated Images based on my descriptions about what's inside the MREs

I remember writing about Conflict Kitchen, a restaurant that offers different cuisines from countries that the US is in conflict with. Well, I guess this dream is more of on the other side. It's from the side of those who go to war and offer their lives with the intention of making their loved ones and countrymen safer but most times only get to serve the special interests of the State and its cronies. Eating the food included in the MREs (in my dream) made me feel like I had a glimpse at the lives of soldiers who go to war.

It also made me reflect about the militaries of not as developed countries like ours where taxpayer's money is used to buy generals and other higher-ups new houses and cars while those in the frontline get substandard helmets and get shot with our own government's bullets.

It also made me reflect about countries like North Korea or Cuba where food is rationed and bureaucrats have the totalitarian control of its production, purchase, and distribution. Doesn't seem like much of a utopia to me. In fact, Marx's communism created more oppression, poverty, suffering, and death, than any other political ideology (see also Mao Zedong is only a Man).

The US also decided to impose an embargo on these countries, I guess to show that they do not condole or tolerate such oppression? But then restricting trade is not the solution, in fact free trade might just be the solution in introducing these countries to more liberalized markets. I always remember my post about Paul Romer's Charter Cities and how he explained that Hong Kong was the greatest influence and inspiration in liberalizing the markets of China and alleviated more poverty than any other kind of charity work we've tried.

In 17 years, our country will have change we can believe in. There is hope:

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