The Philosophy of Liberty

Here's a good video that describe values and advocacies of libertarians. It's just eight minutes long. With all the modern typography animation techniques, I find this to be really dated and personally I'm not so fond of the music used. My only request is that you take just eight minutes of your life and finish this video and see the basic principles that are advocated in this blog.

There's really so much I have to write about that are way overdue but there's just so little time. Actually, by working on this post I am already procrastinating. I also haven't been in the proper mood or mindset to write but of course this is surely very temporary.

I hope the video teaches you a thing or two about the importance of liberty and the evils of state coercion. I would also recommend the book The Anti-capitalistic Mentality by Ludwig Von Mises. It's quite draggy at first but eventually it becomes really enlightening. Mises' understanding and analysis of the world and human behavior and interaction is just so superior.

Another would be How an Economy Grows and Why it Crashes by Peter Schiff. It's actually much like a children's book and can easily be understood by anyone. It even has drawings and diagrams. The first part is probably the simplest way of explaining that there us no zero-sum game and why the incentive for profit is very beneficial (this is something that's really misinterpreted in the public view).

Or maybe go watch some Ron Paul Videos on YouTube. He's surely going to be able to change your mind on some issues especially regarding the importance of free markets and limited government.

Just some recommendations that maybe you can check out when you're bored or curious. There's a lot of requirements that I have to get done plus there are these other issues I have to deal with that's why I just thought of writing about these suggestions that can maybe show some of you a different perspective on things.

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