I Hate Bombings

I was there in EDSA that day, riding a different bus, and I can't help but think that I could have died that day.

I hate bombings. I hate bomb scares. I hate that it threatens the freedom and safety of my loved ones. I hate it because it makes people think that we need to give the government more money and more roles and more power or that we need some sort of TSA to undermine our civil liberties.

I hate crime. I hate that whenever I go out of the house, I have to think twice about bringing my cameras or camcorder, in fear that it might be stolen or snatched or that I'll fight anyone who tries to get them from me and that this resistance will lead to my death.

Allow me to quote myself on what I wrote about the manila hostage taking from a few months back:
"It is hard to accept that, while some work so hard in trying to advocate principles that will lead to a free and peaceful society, there are those who could easily destroy it."
I do believe that in a society with minimal government and low taxes where consenting individuals can engage in voluntary exchange and free trade, there will be no need for people to commit crimes such as snatching or bombing. Individuals can keep what they earn and pass them on to their children or spend as they wish. Everyone has an opportunity to give their families better lives. Competing firms will be forced to innovate and produce technologies that will make our lives safer and more fulfilling. A society where government budget is not wasted on unnecessary bureaucracies and instead used to properly protect individuals from force or fraud.

A freer market, where individuals are not restricted by red tapes and regulations and fees: this, I believe, will lead to a peaceful and prosperous society.

I condemn the EDSA bus bombings and grieve with the families of the innocent victims. May the heartless mastermind of this horrible tragedy get caught.

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