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Why did I decide to create HarryLeaks?

Hi, I'm Harry Santos, a blogger from Manila. I figured it's about time that I dedicate a blog specifically on politics and libertarianism. My first actual attempt at this would be at the "writing" section of my portfolio ( but that link is now assigned to go to this site.

Since that site is my online portfolio, there was some sort of clutter and it became some sort of "megabrand" where different interests and ideas of mine (movie reviews, cooking/restaurants, photography, video production, music production, personal life) were all tagged to just one blogging brand. This made me decide that this "megabranding" might confuse my readers and so I wanted to cater to specific target markets by creating separate blogs for my separate interests. 

As of now I have three main blog brands: 
I decided to name it HarryLeaks which is obviously wordplay with the name of the now controversial website WikiLeaks. I feel that it should be a basic assumption that the evils of big government are inevitable and we shouldn't even be surprised anymore with their crimes, inefficiencies, and corruption. Instead, we should rethink our values and take away the power and money from the government and give them back to individuals.

What are the goals or advocacies of HarryLeaks?
  • To make people wary or even outraged by overall government spending, taxation, and bureaucracies.
  • To change the way people think about words such as "privatization", "deregulation", and even "capitalism" and many others that have been misinterpreted in the pubic view.
  • To show people why we must stop the government from meddling with the private lives and transactions of individuals.
  • To demonstrate that it is a free market and not a welfare state that will lead to a prosperous and peaceful society.